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Women's Bike Shorts CLASSIC

Dostępność: Dostępność - 2 dni

Czas wysyłki: 24 godziny

Koszt wysyłki: od 4,90 zł Dostępne formy wysyłki dla oglądanego produktu:Przesyłka pocztowa ekonomiczna - 8,00 zł
Przesyłka pocztowa priorytetowa - 12,00 zł
Kurier DPD - 13,00 zł
Paczka w RUCHU - 4,90 zł
Odbiór osobisty - 0,10 zł

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Kod EAN: 5907550863695


Cena: 74,00 zł

Ilość: szt.
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Women's Bike Shorts CLASSIC

Made from high quality Italian fabric company Carvico 


A last generation techno-fabric covered by two patents: one for its innovative construction and the other one for its production process. Extremely light, it weighs only 155 g/m², Revolutional™ is a perfect blend of all the benefits of a cutting-edge fabric and it is bound to be the perfect partner for the most challenging sport activities. Being ultra-thin – Revolutional™ 50% thinner than the standard charmeuse, it fits the body like a second skin.


Sport : Cycling, Running, Skiing - Cross-Country skiing, Motorcycling, Skating, Dance, Sailing, Mountaineering, Triathlon 
Swimwear : Competition, Fashion 
Other : Laminating, Footwear, Furnishing 


71% Polyamide micro
29% Elastane

Cushion Made from high quality Italian fabric company DRPAD 

DOC 15

DOC 15 WOMAN is a short/medium distance ride pad for women. It is available with different density foams thanks to the Cutting Technology® which allows only one high density foam and different transition areas gradually changing thickness and support type: from the highest load on the seat area (ischial bones) to the medium load on the perineal area. It doesn’t have wings nor front cover since it is designed for highest pressure areas only. It has a very competitive price in the 40-50 Kg/m3 foam version without Cutting Technology®.

THICKNESSES: 10 to 2 mm transition with Cutting Technology®

DENSITIES: 80 to 30 kg/m3 transition with Cutting Technology®

FABRIC: 80% Polyamyde - 20% Elastan


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